LLEC6R Load Weighing Unit New LLEC5 version

LLEC6R Load Weighing Unit New LLEC5 version

The LLE6R system measures the tension increase of traction ropes on which the sensor is fixed. The maximum overload (weight of lift car + structure + maximum load) is 5000kg. It is designed to be fitted on top of the lift car.

Supplied complete with a 220 24V transformer, the system is suitable for both traction and hydraulic lifts.

Order Code Compensation Number Of Cables Diameter Of Cables (mm) Power Supply Voltage (V)
LOAD05 Without 2 to 7 8 to 10 220
LOAD06 Without 2 to 6 8 to 10 220
LOAD08 With 2 to 7 8 to 10 220
LOAD09 With 2 to 6 8 to 10 220

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Order Code Description Qty Required FAV+
LOAD05 LLEC6R Without 2 to 7 Cables
LOAD06 LLEC6R Without 2 to 6 Cables
LOAD08 LLEC6R With 2 to 7 Cables
LOAD09 LLEC6R With 2 to 6 Cables