Industrial Maintenance Aerosols

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  • Fast Drying Industrial Cleaner

    Buy Online - Fast Drying Industrial Cleaner

    A general purpose solvent specifically designed for the removal of all types of workshop contamination such as grease, dirt and oil from components and metal parts without the need for subsequent rinsing. Can size is 400ml.

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  • Circuit Board Cleaner

    Buy Online - Circuit Board Cleaner

    An alcohol based cleaning solvent specifically designed for use in the general electronics industry for cleaning and degreasing printed circuit boards, electrical contacts, read/write heads, type paths and guide posts. It is compatible with most plastics, leaving no residue and has a controlled drying time. Can size is 400ml.

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  • Pressurised Air Duster

    Buy Online - Pressurised Air Duster

    A special formulation of non-flammable gas which is designed to give a high pressure discharge to remove dust from inaccessible areas. It is ideal for use on delicate areas of computer hardware, disc cartridges, live electrics and hot componentry. Can size is 400ml.

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  • Clear Penetrating Oil

    Buy Online - Clear Penetrating Oil

    A high performance, completely clear penetrating oil which permeates deeply to release seized and rusted components such as fasteners, hinges, locks, linkages and tools. It removes light surface rust and leaves a film of lubricant protecting from further corrosion, facilitating re-assembly. Can size is 400ml.

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  • Brake And Clutch Cleaner

    Buy Online - Brake And Clutch Cleaner

    A high performance, powerful cleaning fluid for use on parts of brake and clutch systems, eliminating brake squeal and clutch slip commonly caused by contamination and glazing. Can size is 400ml.

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  • Silicone Spray

    Buy Online - Silicone Spray

    Silicon lubricant is excellent for use on metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and wood. It is widely used as a release agent for moulds and can be used in food areas where 'incidental' food contact is possible. It is approved to BS6920 by The Water Research Council for use in contact with portable water. Can size is 400ml.

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  • Chain And Wire Rope Lubricant

    Buy Online - Chain And Wire Rope Lubricant

    A heavy duty chain lube that contains Molybdenum Disulphide to give outstanding performance under extreme conditions of load and environment without flinging off. Due to its ability to penetrate, only a thin film is left on the surface, which is enough to prevent corrosion and make the product economical to use. It is used on fork lift trucks and similar equipment to prevent wear and chain elongation. Can size is 400ml.

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  • PTFE Dry Film Lubricant

    Buy Online - PTFE Dry Film Lubricant

    A dry film lubricant specially formulated for use where conventional oils and greases are not suitable, due to there dirt attracting nature. It is suitable for use on machine slides, moulds, cams and shears in engineering and automotive applications, speeding up the dismantling and assembly of components and preventing damage by freeing up seized parts. It is suitable for low temperatures, but also works up to 3500C. Can size is 400ml.

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  • White Grease With Teflon

    Buy Online - White Grease With Teflon

    A premium quality anhydrous grease for use in applications requiring good aqueous resistance. It issuitable for use in anti-friction and plain bearing pumping equipment. It is also suitable for the lubrication oflinkages, door latches, hinges, gears, springs, bearings, rubber components, 'O' rings, striker plates and sliding shackles. Can size is 400ml.

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  • Cutting, Taping And Drilling Spray

    Buy Online - Cutting, Taping And Drilling Spray

    A 'ready to use' cutting and tapping fluid which contains extreme pressure additives to reduce cutting tool wear, dissipating heat and improving machined finish. It can be used on 'hard to work' metals including tool steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. It is also suitable for drilling, thread cutting, reaming and turning. Can size is 400ml.

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