Henning Ride Watcher

Henning Ride Watcher

The Ride Watcher is designed to check the ride characteristics of both new and existing lift installations.

Ride Watcher enables lift ride data to be measured simply and quickly, allowing the user to pinpoint any operational malfunctions and to make the necessary adjustments to rectify them.

It consists of a series of measuring sensors combined with an evaluation unit, both of which are housed in the same robust plastic housing.

The unit works independently, negating the need for a connection to a laptop or an external evaluation unit.

Automatic evaluation of the lift ride performance data enables a competent user to operate the Ride Watcher without the need for any lengthy training or instruction.

The information needed to adjust, evaluate, or if necessary, troubleshoot the lift system is supplied quickly and efficiently, without delay.

This makes Ride Watcher extremely useful for lift engineers, test engineers and lift designers alike.

In order to establish the ride characteristics of a lift system using the Ride Watcher, the sensor is placed in the middle of the lift car prior to the ride commencing.

As soon as the ride is terminated, a ride profile and other data, including speed and acceleration profiles are available.

These results are immediately evaluated on the basis of specified parameters, enabling any system corrections to be performed at short notice.


  • Documentation of the ride profile
  • Setting the correct ride parameters
  • Measuring the acceleration, deceleration, jerk and speed
  • Troubleshooting in case of malfunctions

Measurement features:

  • Acceleration and deceleration behaviour in Z axis
  • Jerks and vibrations of the lift car
  • Measurement of the ride profile (e.g. ride at creeping speed)

Evaluation features:

  • Documents speed, acceleration, deceleration, jerk on the spot unit
  • Automatic evaluation of measurements
  • Provides data on ride profile, ride at creeping speed, etc.
  • Provides information on the location inside the shaft where a malfunction occurs
  • Adjustment of individual limit values for each type of lift
  • Makes out a report
  • Stores measurements in a database
  • Easy and intuitive operation

Technical Features:

  • Measuring Axes: Z - vertical, (x & y) optional (Order Code 450401)
  • Measuring Range: ±1.0g
  • Bandwidth: 50Hz
  • Resolution: 1 Mb
  • Temperature range: 0 - 60°C
  • Resistance to shocks: 10g
  • Interface: USB
  • Measurement without other equipment: Yes
  • Measurement memory: Yes
  • User interface: Touch display
  • Power supply : 4 x 1.5v AA batteries
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450400 Henning Ride Watcher Z Axis
450401 Henning Ride Watcher with additional X&Y Axis