Memco Pana40 Plus detector edge Controllers (840 Series) 841000 alternative

Memco Pana40 Plus detector edge Controllers (840 Series) 841000 alternative

These controllers are used to drive Pana194 Plus detector range and are normally fitted on top of the lift car. A pluggable terminal block is provided to enable easy wiring installation and also provides a method to remove the supply voltage from the controller as a safety precaution.

We stock the 194 beam light curtain (Pana194 Plus), which is capable of detecting much smaller obstructions between the doors, thus offering extra protection and safety. They are mains switchable (either 110V or 240V) These are a direct replacement for the 841000 Pana40 switchable controller

All versions of the 841 series controller come with the following specifications as standard:

  • Power Reduction Software Extends life of the detectors.
  • Static Mode Software Prevents unnecessary 'false' triggers.
  • Fail Safe Option Lift doors remain open until system fault is cleared.
  • System Self Test Offers continuous monitoring of detectors.
  • Normal Time Out Allows 5 non-adjacent beams to be ignored after a pre-set time (10-70s).
  • Beeper Only Time Out When a beam is broken, the beeper sounds intermittently for one minute after the time out period (10- 70s) as expired.
  • Tone Switch Emits an audible tone whenever the unit is triggered.
  • LED Display Provides service engineer information on the controller's status.
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841-012 Pana194 Plus Switchable 110V/240V Controller