Half Way Boxes

Half way or cable termination boxes are specifically designed for trailing cable terminations and general wiring applications. Manufactured in mild steel and finished in white, features include:-

  • Available in 24, 60, 80, 100 and 150 way.
  • A pre-fabricated bottom entry trailing flex inlet with clamping facility (except 24 way).
  • The front lid is fitted with captive screws, but not hinged. This ensures that the lid can always be easily removed, which may not always be possible if space prohibits the hinged lid from swinging open fully.
  • The 24 way box (ATB24) has separate pre-fabricated entries for both flat and round trailing cable. It also has 5 x 20mm outlets, each fitted with an IP65 cable gland.
  • A new feature includes raised DIN rail sections, providing valuable space for trailing flexes to run above and below them when terminating cables. This in turn makes for tidier, more compact wiring as well as easy lid closure.
  • A cable identification chart is secured to the inside of the front lid in a PVC wallet.