Protective Coverings

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  • Twill Dust Sheet

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    Twill dust sheets are commonly used as a protection aid for furniture and floors when painting, plastering and decorating. They are also ideal for covering items in storage or transit. Twill dust sheets are both tough, washable and absorbent.

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  • Heavy Duty Polythene Sheet

    Buy Online - Heavy Duty Polythene Sheet

    Polythene dust sheets are both waterproof, durable and easily cleaned for re-use. They are suitable for both decorating or as a dust sheet curtain.

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  • Reinforced PVC Tarpaulin

    Buy Online - Reinforced PVC Tarpaulin

    General purpose tarpaulin for sheeting covering and protecting. It is 100% waterproof eyeleted and reinforced. It is supplied in sheets measuring 6.0x4.5 metres.

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  • Green Debris Netting

    Buy Online - Green Debris Netting

    Green debris netting is used on scaffolding for the containment of wind blown falling debris. It is designed to direct debris downwards, protecting workers and pedestrians from falling objects.

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  • PEW Pro-Shield Protective Covering

    Buy Online - PEW Pro-Shield Protective Covering

    PEW Pro-Shield is a superbly versatile, impact resistant, corrugated twin wall plastic sheet. This new concept in temporary floor and surface protection provides a lightweight specialist protection for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as carpets, smooth floors, doors, mirrors, glass, high class joinery and lift interiors.

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  • PEW Green-Shield Protective Covering

    Buy Online - PEW Green-Shield Protective Covering

    In line with our commitment to BS EN ISO14001, we have recently taken a greener approach to protective floor and wall coverings.

    PEW Green-Shield protective covering offers all the features of PEW Pro-Shield, but it is manufactured from 95% recycled pellet.

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  • PEW TacBac-FR

    Buy Online - PEW TacBac-FR

    PEW TacBac-FR is a flame retardant adhesive backed carpet protection, eliminating the need to tape the product to the carpet. It simply bonds directly to the carpet, protecting the surface during works, and peels off cleanly after use.

    The product is outside wound, meaning that the roll is simply pushed out in front of the installer. It can then be smoothed over to adhere to the carpet.

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  • PEW Hand Rail Shield

    Buy Online - PEW Hand Rail Shield

    PEW hand rail shield is ideal for protecting lift car hand rails, stair rails and spindles. Not only is it very easy to fit, but it is also flexible enough to bend around curved surfaces!

    With a wall thickness of 15mm, it offers excellent impact protection and offers a cost effective way of protecting expensive joinery or metal.

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  • PEW Stair Shield

    Buy Online - PEW Stair Shield

    PEW stair shield is ideal for protecting high traffic stair ways during site activity. It is simply fixed in place with double sided tape and offers protection to both nosings and treads.

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