Jointing Compounds, Cleaners and Sealers

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  • Boss White

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    Boss White is easily applied and acts as a lubricant and sealant, enabling the pipe to be readily screwed up and a perfectly tight joint made. It is suitable for use with both hot and cold water. Tub size is 400g.

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  • Fernox LS-X Leak Sealer

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    Fernox LS-X leak sealer is a silicone paste used mainly as an external leak sealer and jointing compound. Tube size is 50ml.

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  • Boss Gastite

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    Boss Gastite was formulated by the former regional gas boards and is generally used for all standard gas pipe jointing applications. Tub size is 400ml.

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  • Red Gastite

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    Red Gastite is a semi-hardening gasket and jointing compound with excellent gap filling properties, making it ideal for use on pitted or uneven surfaces. It can be used for sealing joints with a gasket or for sealing joints where a gasket is not required. It is resistant to petrol, diesel, oil, water , steam and anti-freeze and can withstand temperatures from -400C to +2500C. Tube size is 75ml.

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  • Plumbers Mait

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    Plumbers Mait is a waterproof non-setting mastic suitable for sanitary joints. It adheres to metal, vitreous enamels and PVC. Tub size is 750g.

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  • Plumbers Grease

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    Suitable for lubricating and protecting metal, rubber and plastic parts. Tube size is 50ml.

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  • LA-CO Flux

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    A top value self cleaning flux for use on copper, brass, lead and zinc and on both water and gas installations. It is acid free, nontoxic and free of lead and zinc chloride. Supplied in either 4oz (FLUX4) or 16oz (FLUX16) tubs.

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  • One Shot Drain Cleaner

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    One Shot drain cleaner opens clogged drains fast. When poured into a clogged drain, One Shot goes to work instantly and unblocks plugholes and pipes. It kills germs, dissolves grease, rags, soap and paper towels in minutes.

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  • Rothenberger Quick Fire Gas Torch

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    The Rothenberger quick fire gas torch is ideal for use within the plumbing, heating and mechanical industries.

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