Foams and Fillers

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  • Expanding Foam

    Buy Online - Expanding Foam

    Expanding foam is available in either standard or fire-rated formats. It is suitable for filling, sealing and insulation of joints, cracks and cavities.

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  • Plaster Mix And Caulk

    Buy Online - Plaster Mix And Caulk

    Universal one coat plaster is suitable for minor internal repairs to walls and ceilings. Mould-resistant decorators caulk is a flexible filler suitable for internal and external use. It is ready for over painting within 1 hour.

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  • PolyCrete Pit Repair

    Buy Online - PolyCrete Pit Repair

    PolyCrete is an advanced concrete repair system that is specially formulated for repairing holes, cracks and spalling of concrete pit floors. Its super fast curing properties enable the affected area to handle foot traffic within 40 minutes.

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