Adhesive Tapes

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  • Hazard Tape and Lift Service Tapes

    Buy Online - Hazard Tape and Lift Service Tapes

    Hazard tape is available in yellow/black and red/white. This durable, diagonally striped self adhesive PVC tape is suitable for floor and hazard marking.

    Lift service tapes are ideal for isolating areas of the lift car or machinery under service or maintenance.

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  • Masking Tape

    Buy Online - Masking Tape

    This professional quality easy tear, re-positional tape is ideal for decorating, drilling or spraying. Its low tack properties enable it to clean peel up to 3 hours after usage.

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  • Denso Tape

    Buy Online - Denso Tape

    Denso tape is an adaptable, versatile, impregnated, easily applied corrosion protection wrap for corrosion protection of water and other pipes above and below ground. It is also easily applied to valves, mechanical joints, post tensioning bars and cables.

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  • Double Sided Tape

    Buy Online - Double Sided Tape

    This clear double sided self adhesive tape has a Polypropylene backing and synthetic rubber adhesive. It is solvent free, high tack, and is temperature resistant to 700C short term. It is suitable for various applications, including fixing carpets to floors. It is manufactured to Tesa 64621.

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  • Duct (Gaffer) Tape

    Buy Online - Duct (Gaffer) Tape

    This multi purpose good quality waterproof cloth 'duct' tape has a myriad of uses. It can be torn by hand and sticks to almost any dry, grease free surface. It is manufactured to DEF STAN 81-25/2.

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  • Safety Grip Tape

    Buy Online - Safety Grip Tape

    This heavy duty self adhesive grip tape helps prevent slips and falls. It is able to withstand long and arduous use on steps, ladders and slippery outdoor surfaces.

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  • PTFE Tape

    Buy Online - PTFE Tape

    PTFE tape is generally used in plumbing applications and is supplied in a plastic reel with a dust cover. It seals joints, helps prevent leaks and improves seal quality. It is supplied in 12mtr rolls and is manufactured to BS7786.

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  • LLFA Compression Tape

    Buy Online - LLFA Compression Tape

    LLFA compression tape is a revolutionary product that is changing the way that industry insulates electrical connections and repairs leaking pipes.

    This self fusing tape is ideal for electrical cable splices, where high and low temperature stability, moisture and weather resistance is required. Mechanically it provides a high tension wrap that creates an enduring seal under extreme environmental conditions. Due to its remarkable properties, it is also used to repair punctured water, air and hydraulic pipes that are subject to pressure and temperature variants.

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  • Heavy Duty Strapping Tape

    Buy Online - Heavy Duty Strapping Tape

    This packing tape has reinforced glass fibre mesh for extra strength. Its strength and flexibility make it ideal for repairing and reinforcing.

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  • Brown Parcel Tape

    Buy Online - Brown Parcel Tape

    This good quality packing tape can be used either on its own or with a hand held tape dispenser.

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