Security Access Systems

Security Access Systems

PEW have teamed up with CE Electronics to offer a comprehensive and versatile range of security access systems. Designed to secure up to 4, 8, 16, 20, 24 and 32 landings when the system is activated, these units enable access to multiple floors with a 6 digit code for up to 200 users.

It disables the COP push button via a relay that is wired into the circuit, so when the appropriate code is entered, the relay closes for an adjustable amount of time. During this period, it permits the user to select the floor (s) to which they have been given access. With a floor supervisor code, the system will enable or disable security to any given floor. An on-board override will deactivate the unit as long as an external signal is present.

There are 8 types of security access device:-

  • A - Keypad with LED
  • B - Keypad with LCD display
  • C - Card reader with LED
  • D - Card reader with LCD display
  • E - Swipe card reader with LED
  • F - Swipe card reader with LCD display
  • H - Proximity reader (via tokens) with LCD display
  • G - Proximity reader (via tokens) reader with LED

In addition, there are also both surface and flush mounting metalwork options and various timer modules which can activate or deactivate the system at programmable times throughout the day.

This highly flexible security access system enables the user to ‘mix and match’ a whole host of components to build a ‘bespoke’ system to specification and within budget.

The selection chart detailed on the opposite page combines the above variables to provide the user with an easy to use, quick reference ordering system.