Memshield 2 Single Pole and Triple Pole MCBs

Type A distribution boards can accommodate SP MCBs only and Type B distribution boards can accommodate SP, DP* and TP MCBs. Memshield MCBs are manufactured to BS EN 60898 (IEC898).

*For further information on double pole MCBs, please contact our sales office.

MCBs... Type B, C or D? - A Guide To Selecting The Correct MCB

There are three types of MCB, B,C and D, each of which has a different trip sensitivity characteristic. This allows for flexibility when isolating devices which have relatively much higher start up currents than their normal running currents, ie motors, machines etc.

MCB Type Operation In Less Than 100msecs (Instantaneous) General Use Guide
B Between 3-5 Times Rated Current Domestic
BMS1253 Between 5-10 Times Rated Current Commercial
BMS1603 Between 10-20 Times Rated Current Industrial

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