Consumer Units

Our selection of consumer units encompasses the popular MK Sentry, Wylex and Memshield brands. Consumer units are available in the following formats:-

  • Standard: Main switch isolates complete unit.
  • Split load: Main switch plus RCD enables selective isolation (or 'splitting') of circuits.
  • RCD: RCD incomer isolates complete unit.
  • 17th Edition: Main switch plus two (or more) RCDs offers a wider combination of both protected and unprotected circuits.

The 17th Edition Wiring Regulations... In brief!

They apply to all domestic and residential installations.

All socket outlets should be protected by a 30mA RCD.

All circuits in a room with a fixed bath or shower should be protected by one or more RCDs.

All cables concealed less than 50mm beneath plaster walls or metal stud partitions, without earthed mechanical protection should be protected by a 30mA RCD.

Installations should be divided up in to circuits so as to take account of danger and inconvenience caused by a single fault.

Installations should be designed and arranged so as to prevent unwanted tripping of RCDs.

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